Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Tomorrow is my 39th birthday. Tomorrow I will celebrate. I will sleep in, help with an archaeological dig, spend time with my wife and children and go out to dinner with my family. The next day, I will begin something new.

Nothing too radical. I'm not running off to become a mercenary or some other mid-life BS.

No, I plan to start eating right and exercising. In fact, I'm giving myself until my 40th birthday to do the following:

1. Get into shape. My target weight for myself is going to be 210 lbs.

2. Learn Spanish. I still remember some High school Spanish, but my grammar is awful.

3. Learn a martial art. Maybe Tae Kwan Do. I took it when I was 13. I stopped when I was hit by a car.

Wish me luck!