Thursday, May 7, 2009

An ass-kicking of Biblical Proportions

Out of all the brutal accounts of carnage in the Old Testament (The Tanakh, for those who prefer) perhaps my favorite is the part where Samson lays waste to 1000 Philistines with the jawbone of an ass. First of all, it's incredibly violent in a Frank Frazetta sort of way and secondly, it makes your Sunday School teacher have to say "ass" which causes uncontrollable giggling. I enjoyed this sketch so much, I'm going to work it up as a full-color piece.


s.prescott said...

HAR! That's a good one I didn't know about. At first I thought it was Caine going on a rampage having not been satisfied with just killing Able (I believe Caine used a jawbone as well - what's with that?). Anyway, I would love to see dead bodies stretching of into the distance in this piece.

Also, nice Lego guy avatar!

Aaron Bias said...

Actually, the murder weapon in the Cain / Abel murder was never disclosed. More corpses eh? Well, maybe I can do a little something with that. Thanks Steve!

Yeah, I dig my new avatar as well.