Monday, April 5, 2010

Ah, Boredom! Doodles Done While Working My Day Job

WWII Adventure comics.

Captain America Sketches

Aquaman sketches

Strongman comics ideas.

Belphry Bat doodle

Creepy figure.



Michael Wurl said...

Pretty cool! Nice tones on the first one, the Aquaman/Sub-mariner one is really funny, and I like your idea for Strongman!

The Ghost Who Blogs said...

Michael: Thanks! The first one was drawn on yellow legal pad with a sharpie, a pen and a gray Crayola marker. I scanned it in grayscale and messed with the lighting.

I plan to do a better version of Aquaman Vs. Sub-Mariner...eventually.

Strongman is a work-in-progress that never progresses. I think it has some potential, though.

Mykal Banta said...

I think you really have something there with Strongman. Very nice concept and cool drawing. Are you still working on that? Would he be like a circus strongman that has adventures as his circus travels from town to town?

Aaron Bias said...

Mykal: Thanks! I will e-mail you the details.