Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chariots of the gods.

I'm reading 2001 right now, and it puts me in mind of all those theories about the "Ancient Astronauts" who may have visited Earth when Mankind was young. To that end, I present you with the Ancient Astronaut! Who knows what cosmic secrets are bouncing around in that huge noggin of his? Who knows what inscrutible thoughts lie behind that great stone face? Who knew flying saucers had so much headroom?


roy_vf1s said...

I'd just finished re-reading 2001 the day you posted this one up. It got some giggles from me, and I'm loving all of the various races and histories you've put together, bro!

Mykal said...

Looking good, Aaron! I love this guy, and who knows? Very nicely drawn. It looks like your drawing muscles were in full flex here! -- Mykal