Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Planet of the Ayps

Descended from chimps recruited to test spaceships, Ayps have an intense hatred of the Human race. They have renamed themselves Ayps to cast off the names mankind has given them (i.e. Apes, Chimps, etc.). Ironically, they still call themselves by family names given to them by their former Human "opressors". Names like Coco, Ham, Bonzo are all very common and popular, perhaps because Chimps have no previous naming traditions of their own. Ayps call their new homeworld "Bandar Log" and are ruled by His Emperial Majesty, Emperor Zippy I, Ruler of Bandar Log and Protector of Charlie". Charlie is the name of Bandar Log's only moon.

The absolute worst thing you can say in the presence of Ayps is "Monkey". In ANY context this will start a riot.

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