Friday, March 21, 2008

Issue 2

Issue#2 february, 1983

Writer: "Missouri" O'Neil
Pencils: "Chicago" Byrne
Inks: "Michigan" Austin
Cover: John Byrne and Terry Austin

Okay. This cover is more like it. Oh, sure it's got a hideous yellow, orange, purple, green color scheme, but there's actually something HAPPENING.

This issue, entitled "22 Karat Doom" is the conclusion of the storyline began in issue #1. Indy and Edith are about to be lowered into a pit of molten gold (which explains the anguished looks on the faces of all the gold "statues"). There are some pretty predictable plot twists here- not exactly an M. Knight Shyamalan flick.

Maybe there's a hidden metaphor here: You can gold-plate a dessicated corpse, but it doesn't make it a work of art!

Treasure: gold statues
Supernatural element: Yes
Love interest: Edith Dunne
Villain(s): Solomon Black
Locales: An unnamed African Island with a lost city, presumably either the Island or the City are called Ikammanen.
Gun Lost?: Yes
Creaky Rope Bridge?: No
Guest Stars: None
Cliffhanger ending?: No
Jumps out of a plane?: Yes
Animal attack?: No
Menaced by a plane?: No

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