Monday, March 24, 2008

Issue 5


"The Harbingers"

Writer: David Micheline
Penciller: Ron Frenz
Inker: Danny Bulanadi
Cover: No signature visible, probably Frenz.

Well, I knew lifting dumbells could make you stronger, but who knew they also summon otherworldly beings to do your bidding? I should get to the gym more often.

This issue picks up where #4 left off, with Indy and Karen precariously teetering at the edge of London Bridge in a stolen limo. Luckily, Indy not only has time to bullwhip them to safety before they plunge into the Thames, he actually finds time to lecture us on the proper care and maintenance of a bullwhip whilst doing it.

Indy not only loses his gun, he also loses Karen's.

This issue has everything: danger, excitement, spies, a creaky rope bridge ( a hallmark of the series at this point), quicksand, cross-dressing... Oh! and the summoning of some alien entities so beyond our understanding they threaten our very existence and sanity.

Treasure: Pre-human crystal cyllinder
Supernatural element: Yes
Love interest: Karen Mayes
Villain(s): Hauptman Emil Loeb and A team of German Commandos
Locales: London, Stonehenge
Gun Lost?: Yes
Creaky Rope Bridge?: Yes
Guest Stars: none
Cliffhanger ending?: No
Jumps out of a plane?: No
Animal attack?: No
Menaced by a plane?: No

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